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Leader in the Evolution of Security Operations Builds a Sturdy SRE Team With the Help of Harrison Clarke


Panther Labs is a modern SIEM that solves the challenges of security operations at scale. Panther was founded in 2018 by a team of veteran security practitioners who experienced first-hand the challenges of threat detection at cloud scale. They grew frustrated with the compromises required by traditional SIEM platforms, and set out to build a solution that can solve them.

Panther Labs was created to deliver the power to detect any breach, anywhere, for security teams everywhere, and as painlessly as possible. 

With a funding of 140M and 100TB+ data processed per day and trusted by top security teams such as Asana, Intercom, GitLab and many more, Panther has become the leader in the evolution of security operations, helping security teams overcome the challenges of detection and response at scale with a platform built by security practitioners, for security practitioners.


Imbalance of Hard and Soft Skills in SREs Made Recruiting Talents Challenging


It’s not short to say that Panther Labs has been moving onwards and upwards, consecutively being named as an emerging Enterprise Tech Leader in Enterprise Tech 30. In their journey to deliver their mission of leading the evolution of threat detection at a fast scale, the company needed a growing team, which requires recruiting and hiring strong talent.

Panther Labs had challenges when hiring DevOps/SREs. Performance and trust are the core values that represent the team but there were applicants that just didn’t fit the company’s needs. Many had the technical skills that could benefit the company but not many had the combination of hard and soft skills that the team believed was necessary.

Being a remote-first company that believes in building a diverse group of remote DevOps individuals gives them a larger geographic area to consider which makes things even more challenging. Recruiting is complicated, especially in technical fields.

“Finding and sourcing talent is a time-consuming process. We needed to find a partner that already had strong connections with talented DevOps and SRE professionals.”


Joren McReynolds
SVP of Engineering, Product & Design


Harrison Clarke Removes Pain Points to Make Recruiting Easier and More Efficient


After months of looking at candidates that didn’t impress, the company ventured in collaborating with Harrison Clarke. 

When Joren spoke about the difficulties looking for the right candidates, Harrison Clarke immediately approached with an efficient strategy of removing the challenges and provided a selection of profiles, and they were immediately struck by the high talent of the candidates. Harrison Clarke helped remove the aspect of the client having to filter through the resumes to figure out whether they'd be a good fit in certain areas. After qualifying the role with the client, it really came down to the candidate's level of experience, as opposed to whether they had the experience. 

“Harrison Clark specializes in finding, nurturing and connecting strong DevOps and SRE talent with their clients. When we started working with Harrison Clarke, we immediately started receiving resumes of qualified candidates that met our needs.”   


Harrison Clarke Successfully Yields Multiple Strong Candidates in a Short Time


With Panther Labs now working with a specialized SRE recruiting firm, things started to fall into place. The company saw results right away and with great success.

“We hired multiple employees very quickly. Harrison Clarke was a great partner throughout the process, keeping candidates engaged and working closely with our hiring managers and talent team to ensure success was achieved,” said Joren.

“Panther Labs had a goal to achieve which was to build out the infrastructure team with great talent. They were committed in the time they dedicated to Harrison Clarke to ensure that the correct talent was coming in.”


Firas Sozan


Strong SRE Team Expands Opportunities for Panther Lab’s DevOps Framework


“We have currently built out the team for the time being. Panther is working on the onboarding and growth of the current individuals and we hope to repartner in the near future,” said Firas.

“As we continue to grow our infrastructure and platform teams, Harrison Clarke will remain at the top of our list,” said Joren.

The field of security operations is constantly evolving. Expansion of services is always in need by companies. This rapidly changing space means opportunities for Panther to expand even further than now. When it does, Panther Labs will hire more talent and work closely with Harrison Clarke to do so.



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