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We pride ourselves in being the premier recruiting firm in the Cloud, Data & AI space. Our staffing services cater to both employment and project basis/freelancing work, providing companies with the best talent in the industry. Our team of specialists are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and requirements of each client, and work tirelessly to ensure a perfect match between job opportunities and skilled professionals.

Group 10278@2x Employment services - client
Group 10278@2x


Empower Your Business with Our Comprehensive Employment Solutions

Harrison Clarke’s staffing services offer a comprehensive solution for companies seeking top talent in the engineering field. Our team of specialists works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, and match them with the best-suited talent in line with those hiring needs.

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Group 10279@2x


Streamline Your Projects with Skilled Freelancers

Our freelancing service provides clients with a flexible solution to meet their short-term or project-based staffing needs. Our platform connects businesses with a pool of highly-skilled talent. Whether you’re looking for a single freelancer or a team of specialists, Harrison Clarke provides a seamless solution to meet your needs.


Cloud, Data & AI

As the leading staffing firm in Cloud, Data & AI, we have built an established network of world class engineering talent in our respected area of focus. We understand the unique requirements and challenges of these disciplines and can assist you in building a team of highly qualified candidates to meet your needs.


Ready to get started?

Whether you're an early stage start-up, in your growth phase or a leading Fortune 500 company, Harrison Clarke understands the stage you're at and can connect your organization with amazing talent.


We understand that every company is different.

That’s why we go above and beyond, taking the time to understand your company’s needs. If you are looking to build your team; then reach out to us today and a team of expert recruiters who live and breathe this market will dedicate their attention to your business – tailoring a recruitment solution focused on your company requirements.


Services Tailored to your Business Needs


A Retained search will allow us to dedicate a team of expert consultants who will work exclusively on meeting your business hiring needs. The dedicated team will work closely with you to develop a methodology, action steps and timing that is realistic and matches with your requirements. Intelligence is provided through exhaustive research on the industry, competitors and ideal candidates. With a retained search, you will receive full briefings on the search process, competitors, the market, and the talent pool.

Embedded Talent Partner

Our Embedded Talent Partnership Solution is an invitation only offering. We will assess your business needs and typically invite existing clients to this service offering. This is usually a one-year partnership agreement, whereby Harrison Clarke will become your internal recruitment team specific to your Cloud, Data & AI hiring needs. We work in collaboration with your internal team and you will get a dedicated Embedded Talent Partner.


This is our success-based recruitment solution. No hire, No fee arrangement.

Flexible staff

We can provide your company with on-demand access to highly sought-after world calss talent on a short-term contractual basis. This solution gives you the flexibility to add top level talent without adding permanent headcount. It allows you to adjust your team quickly and cost-effectively to fit your current needs.


Words from our clients

Asset client

“Harrison Clarke’s ability to take input and feedback has led to much better target candidates each time which led to a much better hiring rate than internal recruiting. The hires have proved to be high caliber and valuable team members, contributing to the success of the engineering organization as a whole.”

Stephane Odul
Stephane Odul

Director, Cloud Engineering

Currently at: Clumio
Asset client

“Harrison Clarke is the go-to SRE recruitment firm. SRE recruiting is specialized and requires expertise, and Harrison Clarke are the best at understanding the space. In addition, they have been a real pleasure to work with. If you are looking to establish or build an SRE team, I strongly recommend Harrison Clarke.”

Arjun Narayan
Arjun Narayan

CEO and Co-Founder

Currently at: Materialize
Asset client

“I have worked with Harrison Clarke for over 5 years and they have consistently met my hiring requirements. They focus on quality and do not inundate hiring managers with numerous resumes to review. Their prescreening process is quite meticulous resulting in high calibre candidates ensuring good use of everyone’s time.”

Raman Hariharan
Raman Hariharan

Director, Cloud Engineering

Currently at: Snowflake

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