Competition for DevOps/SRE professionals is fierce. In this modern business landscape, enterprises across almost every sector rely on modern technology to secure success.

While the Bay Area remains the epicenter of high-tech, New York City attracts a growing number of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers. Plus, with remote work expanding the talent pool, hiring for DevOps/SRE roles becomes increasingly competitive.

Recruiting software engineers for DevOps/SRE positions is slightly different on the East Coast compared to Silicon Valley. For companies based in New York City, understanding these particularities can help make their hiring process more strategic and efficient.

Understand your competitors

The main actors hiring for DevOps/SRE roles in New York City are financial organizations, modern hedge funds, tech and internet companies, ed tech and education management, real estate, e-commerce, online media, and more. While not as many as in the Bay Area, many startups are located on the East Coast, including health and ad tech startups and some Software-as-a-Service startups.

However, as remote work is widening the talent pool, these tech startups are now competing for top talent with the West Coast as well as financial corporations on the East Coast – and even the entire country. Interestingly, while remote work is becoming a standard option among tech startups, most DevOps/SRE roles in financial companies remain on site.

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Hiring process

If Silicon Valley is synonymous with tech startups, the East Coast remains the central business arena for larger corporate organizations. With corporate financial firms leading the demand for DevOps and SRE professionals, the average hiring process in New York City is significantly longer (six to seven stages) than in West Coast’s fast-paced startup hub. Conversely, New York-based tech startups tend to have a similar three-stage hiring process as Silicon Valley.

Compensation differences

While compensation is consistently high in the DevOps space, location and company size create slight differences. For example, startup companies in Silicon Valley generally offer higher compensation packages than tech startups on the East Coast for DevOps/SRE engineers. Moreover, remote companies take a different approach to compensation, considering whether to base the offer on the company’s location or the candidate’s.

Corporate fintech enterprises in New York City typically offer engineers highly competitive cash compensation. Plus, because they are privately held, these financial companies don’t offer equity. Instead, they will provide a significant bonus component, bringing the total salary package well above the market average.

When it comes to bonuses and benefits, the size of the company remains the main differentiator. Companies in the New York financial space, in particular, will typically offer a 401(k) plan and more bonuses than an early startup.


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