Harrison Clarke Rebrand Augments Service Offerings, Aims to Become Epicenter of Knowledge and Content in DevOps/SRE Space

Top DevOps/SRE Recruitment Company Unveils New Flagship Partnership Program and User-Friendly Website that Streamlines and Enhances Both Client and Candidate Journeys 


LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 3, 2021—Harrison Clarke—the only U.S.-based recruitment firm exclusively dedicated to DevOps/SRE placements—today announced the launch of its new brand, which includes a new flagship partnership program, enhanced services, and a user-friendly website with more interactive content. Emerging as the epicenter of knowledge and content for the DevOps/SRE space, Harrison Clarke is leveraging its dedicated network—the largest in the country—to expand its market share, open new revenue streams, offer more collaborative engagement with clients and candidates, and provide an extremely high level of service not currently available in the industry.

With COVID-19 pushing organizations to automate and digitize everything, DevOps has become increasingly more top of mind among executives at companies of all sizes as they recognize the value of DevOps skill sets and their potential to transform their businesses. Although DevOps services are in high demand, managing the people, processes, and technologies associated with transitioning is a difficult undertaking when handled internally. This is where Harrison Clarke shines, particularly because it focuses solely on the DevOps/SRE market and is not only an expert in the space, but also acts as the client’s partner throughout the process. 

“DevOps is not just a role within an organization—it’s a cultural movement that places more importance on the people involved and helping them collaborate better,” said Harrison Clarke CEO Firas Sozan. “We are strengthening our position as the go-to company for DevOps/SRE recruiting. It’s a space we’re passionate about, both in the infrastructure it serves and the focus it places on transparency and collaboration. If people want to build their DevOps team, they come to us.”

DevOps is a philosophical approach to engineering that eliminates silos and enables different departments, such as software, testing, and infrastructure, to collaborate and facilitate the rapid delivery of products without sacrificing the customer or user experience. One of the most critical roles in a DevOps culture is that of the site reliability engineer (SRE), because reliability is a key component to the methodology’s success, especially now. Harrison Clarke has made its services available to the mass market to help companies build solid, reliable, agile DevOps teams by making it easier for both clients and candidates to connect. 

“Even if we all share the DevOps philosophy, what it takes to implement is highly dependent on the specifics of your team,” said Transposit Founder and CTO Tina Huang, a client. “Harrison Clarke understands that and works with you to determine your progress in building out an SRE function, as well as your values to match the best SREs for your team. Firas really owns the process end to end and feels personally accountable for your team's success.”

Today’s launch includes the unveiling of Harrison Clarke’s new Flagship Partner Solution. This program, built on a monthly subscription model, provides a more efficient and cost-effective way for companies looking to recruit a significant number of DevOps/SRE employees, or even build out an entire team. The program is available by invitation only, enabling a client with larger staffing needs to become a priority partner, in which case Harrison Clarke becomes an extension of their recruitment team and provides a dedicated on-site staff member focused on advising stakeholders about hiring, as well as procuring top-quality candidates.

"As a rapidly growing startup building a cloud-native data protection platform, Clumio is always looking for talented candidates that are also a great fit for our collaborative culture," said Kaustubh Patil, vice president of engineering and co-founder of Clumio. "Harrison Clarke has been a true partner in our growth from the start. Firas and his team deeply understand the SRE/DevOps world. We learned early on that we weren't working with simply a recruiting team—they became an extension of our company and have helped us build out a high-quality DevOps team consisting of top talent that matched our culture."

As a major part of its rebranding, Harrison Clarke’s redesigned website reflects the company’s commitment to making connections and building relationships, offering a more streamlined journey for potential clients and candidates to find, understand, and take advantage of their services. With a simple design that is easy to use, the website now offers the following new features:

  • An interactive Get Started feature that acts as a guide to help visitors discover the best solutions to build their teams
  • A Guides section with regularly updated content in the form of articles, guides, infographics, e-books, and white papers that include expert insights into the market 
  • A Case Studies page that includes testimonials and case examples from both hiring managers and hired professionals that clearly illustrate what the company has to offer 
  • A Blog that features weekly posts on a variety of topics, including trends in technology, compensation, and hiring in the DevOps/SRE space
  • A Live Opportunities page that provides exclusive access to up and coming job vacancies before they become available to the open market 

The newly designed logo also has special significance, showcasing Harrison Clarke’s values. It’s a spinoff of the DevOps infinity symbol, incorporating a linked chain which signifies the importance of partnerships.

“Our new brand exemplifies quality and simple professionalism—something we live and breathe at Harrison Clarke,” said Sozan. “The partnership program, along with the rebranded site, enhance and complement our current offerings, while also furthering our aim to meet the ever-evolving needs of both clients and candidates. At our core, Harrison Clarke operates on a very simple premise: We connect people in the DevOps/SRE space exclusively to achieve great outcomes.”


Harrison Clarke is the only dedicated DevOps/SRE recruitment partner in the United States. With a highly committed team of market experts, its goal is to provide both clients and candidates with an exceptional experience by helping companies achieve their hiring needs and identifying unique and life-changing opportunities for professionals. 

For additional information, please visit https://www.harrisonclarke.com/

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