The DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering market is synonymous with dynamic change, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Since both practices emerged over ten years ago, they revolutionized traditional software development and advanced the technological state of the art. Today, companies around the globe in tech and non-tech fields are adopting DevOps best practices.

The discipline is constantly evolving at a fast pace, making DevOps/SRE an exciting space where innovation can happen. However, this rapid advancement means engineers need to keep up to date with the latest developments in tools, processes, and culture. 

DevOps conferences are an excellent opportunity for tech professionals to connect with prominent industry experts, discover and test the latest tools in the field, find answers to the challenges they face, and exchange ideas with engineers worldwide. Furthermore, engineers can benefit from these specialized events to build their network of fellow DevOps and SRE professionals and share stories from their daily work or even career struggles.

DevOps and SRE conferences take the true meaning of the practice to a global level, bringing DevOps one step closer to achieving true diversity and inclusion.

At Harrison Clarke, we never miss a chance to join these fun events. Here are our recommended upcoming DevOps conferences.


When: Various dates

Where: Either live or online, depending on location

DevOpsDays is a global event held in different cities throughout the year. Check their events calendar to see the next conference near you.

SKILup Days events focus on the most critical trends in the DevOps/SRE space.

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DevSecOps SKILup Day

When: August 12, 2021

Where: Online | 8:30am – 5:00pm EST

As security risks become a top priority for DevOps teams, the implementation of DevSecOps is becoming an essential part of software development. This SKILup Day event will focus exclusively on DevSecOps. The even is online, available worldwide.

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Observability SKILup Day

When: September 23, 2021

Where: Online | 8:30am – 5:00pm EST

Observability is becoming increasingly prominent in DevOps. This online conference is powered by the DevOps Institute and centers on observability as “the ability to infer a system’s internal states.”

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DevOps World

When: September 28-30, 2021

Where: Online

This conference will bring together industry experts, developers, and leaders worldwide to share their experiences and discuss DevOps best practices. An award submission section is available for the following categories:

  • DevOps and Analytics Award 
  • DevOps Scalability Achievement Award
  • Security, Compliance and Audit Innovation Award
  • The CloudBees Transformation Award 
  • Enterprise Progressive Delivery Award
  • DevOps Rising Star 
  • Diversity in DevOps

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All Day DevOps

When: October 28, 2021

Where: Online

All Day DevOps returns for its sixth annual gathering with an impressive 180 speakers lineup. This conference is the largest DevOps event, tackling everything from CI/CD, modern infrastructure, DevSecOps, cultural transformation, and Site Reliability Engineering. Join free worldwide.

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