The Harrison Clarke 2021 DevOps/SRE Compensation Survey was launched in an effort to fill in the gaps regarding salary and total compensation in the DevOps/SRE marketplace. Conducted on Site Reliability Engineers across multiple channels, the survey sets out to be a reliable source of information for both companies and candidates.


Are you offering a competitive compensation?

See where your company stands in terms of compensation competitiveness, learn where to find the best SREs and how to attract and retain them with salary and benefits insights from the professionals themselves. As many engineers report above-average base salaries and overall satisfaction with current compensation, companies must be prepared and well-informed about the common practices in the DevOps/SRE market in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Need help negotiating your salary offer?

Although SREs are highly sought after, knowing how to navigate job opportunities and how to choose the right offer remains a challenge. Engineers can turn to the Harrison Clarke 2021 DevOps/SRE Compensation Survey report for accurate and reliable data on the current state of compensation in the field.

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